Wahoo - SHF x Fraser Frensy Baits Bottle Opener
  • Wahoo - SHF x Fraser Frensy Baits Bottle Opener

    Ever wanted to tell someone you're a better fisherman then them just by how you open a beer? Well this is how you do it! This is a collab with local QLD lure maker Fraser Frenzy Baits, a popper turned into the sweetest bottle opener to ever pop a cap! Hand poured, painted and finished in Brisbane, QLD, they are built to handle the rough and tumble of the boat, 4x4 or even just mums cultery draw. You could probably even drill in some tow points, hang a treble off it and just fish it between beers! Oh, and the best part?!? THEY FLOAT!

    If you're looking for an epic gift idea, or just want to be able to steer every conversation into a fishing yarn then this ones for you!