Big Knobby Trucker
  • Big Knobby Trucker

    Join the crew! Make sure you look the part out on the water with a genuine "SHF" Hat! If you're the kind of fisho who likes to feel the breeze on the back half of their head but still keep it business as usual up the front the 'Big Knobby Trucker' is right in your hitting zone! Studies have shown it is actually 10x more effective at bringing fish over the side of the boat then lure scent, even that random unlabelled tub of goo old mate on the internet swears by. If the turn of the tide on a lead up to the new moon was a hat, this would be it. Let people know you've got a big knobby and wear it with pride!

    One size fits all!



    Classic Shape

    Trucker Mesh Back

    Hard Buckram

      Charcoal: Charcoal