DISCO Deep Drop Rigs
  • DISCO Deep Drop Rigs

    Top Quality, Aussie made Deep dropping rigs!


    Keen to try your luck in the deep blue yonder or just want to re-stock the box with some spare rigs for a trip? The SHF x Leader Systems Australia DISCO Deep Drop rigs will have you filling up the esky in no time at all! Assembled by hand here in SEQ Australia, these rigs are built with quality components to tackle all the gnarly sea monsters the depths have to offer trip after trip after trip!


    These rigs contain the conventional a multi-coloured strobing light that has been a staple for successful deep dropping missions for many years. They also double as wicked party lights for the boat or pool incase you get caught in a spur of the moment rave party!



    Hooks: 12/0 - 14/0 Mustad 39965D

    Light: UV Blue

    Leader & droppers: 300LB

    Hook options: 3 or 6 hooks


    12/0 Rigs: Flametail Snapper, Ruby Snapper, Small Bar Cod, Snapper, Pearl Perch, Alfonsino's, Eastern Nannygai, Rosy Jobfish, Gold Band Snapper etc


    13/0 Rigs: Bar cod, Large Flametail & Ruby Snapper, Small Blue eye, Rays Sea Bream etc


    14/0 Rigs: Blue Eye Trevalla, Bass Grouper, Sea Monsters!