Fish N Beers Tee
  • Fish N Beers Tee

    Throughout history there's many things that are just meant to be together, unbeatable pairs or winning combinations if you will. Things like pea's and carrots, pineapple on a pizza, mango's and summer, the mighty Pajero and any of the toughest 4x4 tracks in Australia, kayakers and bream, Shauno and those little pink fruit cocktails that come with a straw and tiny umbrella... You get the picture. Well there is one combo that trumps them all and that's Fishing and Beers.

    Name a better feeling then landing the first decent fish for the day and cracking a cold one to celebrate your angling prowess. No seriously. Name one...... We can wait! 

    Thats right, you bloody well can't, so make sure everyone else is across it as well and wear this shirt every time you're doing something else when you should be out fishing!


    Shirts are printed on genuine AS colour tees by and awesome local Aussie Business.