Phantom Tool
  • Phantom Tool

    The ultimate fish dispatching and bleeding tool!
    This tool was originally designed by my old man 'The Phantom' as a safer and more convienent way to kill and bleed his catch while fishing on the beaches, rocks and wading. It completely replaces the need to carry a knife and due to its ergonomic design it fits nicely in the hand making it very safe to use.
    They are constructed by a local Aussie company from 316 stainless steel with the finishing touches done in house by 'The Phantom' himself! The tool is a lifetime purchase and very rarely (if ever) need to be sharpened. I personally have had mine since I was 9 years old and have never sharpened it once!
    The phantom tool comes ready to use with a rope loop so it can be attached to wading bags, bait buckets or even belts, and dad tells me they are pretty bloody handy to have on the boat when targeting smaller bread and butter species. Enjoy the functionality while keeping your fingers and hands in one piece!